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Most Companies in the industry are ware that Demolition of Real Property is a Dangerous industry. Often times the Demolition Equipment is Required to be in the center of the dwelling being torn down, putting vital associates in harms way in the case of any failure be it Equipment, or improper operation. The largest advantage from using the Grapple Truck for demo is Keeping the Operator out of the Direct Area of Impact. The continuous rotation on the Grapple rotator allows the operator to position the grabbing edge onto any part of the structure. This can bee seen as the roof is Peeled off firstly from the edge, at a downwards 3/12 Pitch Standard Shingle roof. We were able to pull sections of the roof as needed to allow the Equipment into the Backyard, Where we were able to Deploy the truck and Outriggers, in a compact fashion to remove further parts of the Selective Demolition.

Standard Stick and Block Built houses are built from the ground up. The Largest advantage you can have in safely and efficiently taking down a house is to “reverse” that process, by taking it down in the reverse stages it went up. You can tell in the video that while a house is very strong and sturdy, its no match for the precise strength and lifting power of the Grapple truck with an extended boom. The roof of this Dwelling is the largest part of the side support , so once that was removed, the Walls, and bottom corner ABS block did not take long to remove. Because the Grapple Truck has a 50 yard Dump Body, You will notice the Debris path is drastically smaller than when done with Yellow Equipment. In this case, the Grapple truck is replacing the Skid Steer, The Articulated front loader the Mini Bull (residential) and the primary Excavator. Because the grapple truck can move some of the debris out of the way while Demolishing the house , the site remains largely clear of dangerous debris, and looks organized.

  • -Cummins X15 Engine
  • -565 HP
  • -26ft Hardox Brandon Body
  • -Custom Built Apex Trailer
  • -Max Lift Capaxity: 10,960 lbs.
  • -Operating Pressure: 3,200 PSI
  • -360° Rotating Boom
  • -28’ Extendable Boom *Rotobec 060 Waste Grapple
  • -360° Rotating Grapple
  • -Rotator Lifting Capacity: 25,000 lbs.
  • -76” Grapple Span (length)
  • -60” Grapple Width

Huge Thanks to Bryon Cummings with Central Georgia Tree service for having us do this build! 

Start your new year off with a New 2021 Rotobec Grapple Truck! Apex Equipment is South Florida’s Certified Rotobec Dealer offering a variety of different model grapples in stock or ready to build.

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At Apex Equipment, we’re not just selling commercial used trucks and equipment. We are helping to strengthen America’s economy one ready to work truck at a time. Part of that effort requires that we provide the highest quality refurbished trucks and equipment possible to our business partners. Our commitment to excellence, attention to detail and the ongoing pursuit of perfection allows us to do just that. Apex Equipment is the only dealership in the United States of America that can offer you a power-train warranty on all refurbished class A trucks as far back as the year 2000. That’s right! The year 2000!

Our technicians have years of extensive training refurbishing used equipment, and have set industry standards for more than a decade. We start with the best used trucks we can find, each truck will receive a complete 210-point inspection. During this process, a detailed work order is comprised for technicians, fabricators, the paint and body department and interior specialists. The trucks will then processed by each department, where any issues found will be addressed. If it is determined that a truck could greatly benefit from or requires a full engine or transmission in-frame (or any other major repair), an ASE certified mechanic is assigned to the truck and the in-frame is completed in house.

Once the repair process is complete, all hydraulic cylinders and lifting devices are load tested to ensure proper functionality. The truck will then leave the Apex facility for an independent Federal DOT Inspection. Once the truck as received its DOT certification stating that the vehicle has passed an inspection in accordance with § 396.17, the truck will be subject to a final detailed inspection. Any remaining problems must be dealt with and the inspection must be signed off by the department heads and the Apex Equipment General Manager. In total, each Apex truck undergoes a minimum of 5 – 6 inspections and the can reach approximately $15-20k in repairs.

The extended warranty that comes with Apex trucks 2000 and newer covers the trucks engine, transmission and differentials. Without a warranty of this caliber, if these components go bad, they can cost several thousands of dollars in repairs. This can be a detrimental expense for many businesses.

Apex Equipment is leading the used truck industry by providing their customers with the peace of mind of knowing that not only is their Apex Truck Certified, it also comes with the best warranty in the industry. Most notable, this warranty is covered anywhere in the US or Canada, as long as the truck is serviced by a certified diesel mechanic. Additional warranty options are also available.