NEW Rotobec Grapple Truck Removing HUGE tree stump

In the Tree and Stump Removal industry, one of the leading causes of frustration for our trimmers is a half-buried and still rooted stump, intermixed with Sand from the tree falling over. This scenario poses major issues to the bar and chains of all chainsaws on the market. Unfortunately this stump was a bit to large, and not in a good location for a stump grinder to back to. The Grapple Truck and Operator were both able to safely deploy on our customers driveway to get the job done. With the loaders ability to put 2500 lbs. of down pressure , the Grapple blades dig in to the earth, snip any remaining roots, and pulls the stump completely from the ground. The pinching pressure may break up the stump further, but it will come out in mostly one piece. This removal did not require a Saw, Second Operator, or any dangerous stump grinder, which was very close to the owners house.

The complete project was 7 minutes from arrival to departure. Less time than to setup the Bandit Remote control Stump Grinder. A direct competitor currently used for this application in the market.

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