Apex Grapple Truck Demolishing a House

>Standard Stick and Block Built houses are built from the ground up. The Largest advantage you can have in safely and efficiently taking down a house is to “reverse” that process, by taking it down in the reverse stages it went up. You can tell in the video that while a house is very strong and sturdy, it’s no match for the precise strength and lifting power of the Grapple truck with an extended boom. The roof of this Dwelling is the largest part of the side support , so once that was removed, the Walls, and bottom corner ABS block did not take long to remove. Because the Grapple Truck has a 50-yard Dump Body, you will notice the Debris path is drastically smaller than when done with Yellow Equipment. In this case, the Grapple truck is replacing the Skid Steer, The Articulated front loader the Mini Bull (residential) and the primary Excavator. Because the grapple truck can move some of the debris out of the way while Demolishing the house , the site remains largely clear of dangerous debris, and looks organized.