The Right Equipment For The Job

At Apex Equipment, we understand that you desire to serve your clients well, and, that you take pride in the work your company does. But, we also understand the professional representation your company needs to personify those attributes, so you never have to look less than professional.

Build Your Apex Truck

Specific tasks require specific equipment. Even with the largest inventory of the highest quality refurbished trucks in the industry, we know the complete version of the truck you may need, is not always sitting around and waiting to go to work.

To solve this problem, Apex has developed “Build Your Apex Truck”, a combination of the many services we’ve established, wrapped into one program to help you get the best fit for your company’s pursuits. It doesn’t matter if you need a used chassis with a new roll off hoist, or a new chassis with a used grapple boom, or even if you have no idea what you need, Apex can help.

“Build Your Apex Truck” is not simply about picking out your own parts. It is an integral part and valuable thread in the Apex philosophy and corporate framework for customer service best practices. With over 30 years of equipment and industry service experience at your disposal, your alternatives and benefits become virtually endless.

Our qualified, knowledgeable representatives are ready to assist you in determining the best fit for your current geographical and task management needs. Below are a few of the questions that need to be answered before building your Apex truck.

Geographical Management

  1. What part of the country or world do you operate in?
  2. Are there steep hills or mountains to ascend and descend?
  3. Is rain, snow or ice a factor?

Task Management

  1. What type of loads or material will you be handling?
  2. How many operators will be assigned to a unit?
  3. Will tight places be an issue?
  4. Is keeping the operator in the truck as much as possible an issue?
  5. Will the truck run day, night or both?