Grapple Loader Removes Fence

The versatility of the Grapple truck is endless. With Strength and Precise control, the forefront of the logging industries environmental Requirements, watch the Grapple truck and operator apply those exact same principles to working in, on and around client’s houses, cars and livelihoods. Working so close to vital Dwellings, but not impacting those dwellings are where the Grapple truck really shines, as detailed by the section of fence post and concrete removed in seconds from the ground Inches from a wall that would not be taken down, but with stay in place to allow a second story to be built and loaded out of the way so the truck and operation could continue towards the rear of the house. Precise Demolition isn’t always required but when it is, you need a larger labor force to equate the work that the Grapple truck can do with one operator.