Roof Removed by Rotobec Boom Truck

Most Companies in the industry are ware that Demolition of Real Property is a Dangerous industry. Often times the Demolition Equipment is Required to be in the center of the dwelling being torn down, putting vital associates in harms way in the case of any failure be it Equipment, or improper operation. The largest advantage from using the Grapple Truck for demo is Keeping the Operator out of the Direct Area of Impact. The continuous rotation on the Grapple rotator allows the operator to position the grabbing edge onto any part of the structure. This can bee seen as the roof is Peeled off firstly from the edge, at a downwards 3/12 Pitch Standard Shingle roof. We were able to pull sections of the roof as needed to allow the Equipment into the Backyard, where we were able to Deploy the truck and Outriggers, in a compact fashion to remove further parts of the Selective Demolition.