Grapple Truck Removes Palm Tree

Apex Equipment Is on Site in Sunny West Palm Beach Florida, Removing a customer’s tree from the front of their yard. The Rotobec Elite 910 Loader, coupled with the 045W Grapple is Capable of Reaching 27’ over the side of the Operational Work Truck, and Directly into the working Jobsite. With over 8,000 Lbs. of Lifting Power and 6,400 PSI Pinching and Grabbing pressure, the Grapple Truck is able to reach down below grade, Grab the Still rooted tree, and pull the stump directly from the ground. There is no other equipment in this instance required to remove the Tree stump, as the Rotobec loader is capable of breaking the log into smaller pieces. Once the tree is Removed from the ground, the grapple truck operator can then use the truck and loader to backfill the property where the tree was removed from, smooth out the new dirt and fill.